Sponsor Me Part 1: Valentine’s Day Chicken Sponsor-a-thon

In honor of our Valentine’s Day Chicken Sponsor-a-thon, we are spotlighting many of the sanctuary’s rescued chickens this week. We love to celebrate the individuality of our birds through photography.

Among the 200 animals living at Harvest Home, 100 chickens call the sanctuary home. Our goal for this campaign is to find a sponsor for each chicken by Valentine’s Day.

For just $15 a month, you can sponsor a rescued hen or rooster. Sponsorships make marvelous gifts for your animal-loving family and friends. You can make a meaningful impact in the life of one of our adorable birds this year.


We are pleased to introduce you to three dashing dudes who were originally rescued from an animal hoarder in Sacramento. They recently celebrated their one-year anniversaries at the sanctuary.

Little Wayne (Nickname: Pretty Ricky)

Mr. Hamberg (Nickname: Tickles)

Salvatore (Nickname: Sal)