Adopt Summer: She’ll have a Blue Christmas without you.

Six months ago today, Summer, a healthy, outgoing dog, was hours away from receiving a lethal injection at California’s highest kill animal shelter. Before it was too late for Summer, Harvest Home Sanctuary saved her from unnecessary death.

Shortly after her arrival in Stockton, Summer made her adoption debut on We were looking forward to meeting people who were interested in adopting this wonderful girl soon thereafter. Days turned in to weeks and weeks turned in to months. Sadly, we have not received a single adoption inquiry forĀ  Summer in the entire time she has been with us.

Due to limited living space for canines at the sanctuary, we can only rescue large dogs from animal shelters one at a time. At Harvest Home, we have a special place in our hearts for pit bulls. As each day passes without finding Summer a home, we lose an opportunity to save the life of another pit bull from euthanasia at a California animal shelter.

Summer has a sincere zest for life. She enjoys sprinting through green grass, bouncing around on her back legs and cuddling at bedtime. She can’t wait to find a mom, dad or family who will spoil her. To set up an appointment to meet Summer, email

By adopting Summer, you are saving two lives. Don’t miss your chance to make miracles happen.